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Descendants of Perry Wood and Louisa Berry or Millais?

and including associated families including


May 2007

Perry Woods birth baptism  confirmed as being 31st March Hurstmonceux  Sussex son of John and Mary Wood

May 2007

Perry Wood's death finally found.   Its in Victoria. 

This took quite a bit of research and lots of help from some very kind and helpful people


Perry Wood born ?

Married Louisa Berry 1830 St Mary's Lambeth Surrey. Some researchers have her name as Millais but the IGI has Berry so until verified will leave it as Berry or Millais


Perry Wood's death certificate


pw1888.jpg (661302 bytes)




Perry Wood had a child to  Martha Ann Uppill

Digger - South Australian Births 1842-1906 

Surname: UPPILL
Given Names: Roda Wood
Date: 1869-09-14
Sex: F
Father: Perry WOOD
Mother: Martha Anne UPPILL
Birth Place/Residence: Kadina
District Code: Gil
Symbol: X
Book: 76
Page: 28


Perry Wood and Louisa's children


   William Frederick Wood born  about 1831 married Sarah  Fitzgerald  

Digger - South Australian Marriages, Registrations 1842-1916

Groom: WOOD
Given names: William Frederick
Given names: Sarah
Date: 1855-02-03
Groom Age: 23
Status: S
Groom's Father: [unrecorded]
Bride Age: 19
Status: S
Bride's Father: [unrecorded]
Place: St Mark Church Penwortham

Died Victoria 1905

wfw2.jpg (739935 bytes)



George Wood Born 1833 married Mary Maria Armes

Groom: WOOD
Given names: George
Bride: ARMES
Given names: Mary Maria
Date: 1861-11-12
Groom Age: 28
Status: N
Groom's Father: Perry WOOD
Bride Age: 21
Status: S
Bride's Father: John ARMES
Place: BC Chapel Auburn
District: UpW
Book/Page: 48/200


Thomas Wood Born 1835 married Mary Brook

Groom: WOOD
Given names: Thomas
Bride: BROOK
Given names: Mary
Date: 1865-07-09
Groom Age: 30
Status: N
Groom's Father: Perry WOOD
Bride Age: 24
Status: N
Bride's Father: Thomas Hirst BROOK
Place: Res of Mr Hoskings Kadina
District: Dal
Book/Page: 63/183
Cross Reference:



Louisa Wood Born 1837 (My ancestor) Married William Cook

(details added later)




  Olivia Wood  1847   Her baptism is on the freebdm web site for Lambeth   Surrey Married Thomas Buckett

oliviaw.jpg (592543 bytes)



oliviabuckett.jpg (92999 bytes)




Olivia Bucket from Picture Qld site

Title: Going for a ride at Mount Perry, 1912
Location: Mount Perry, Queensland
Date: 1912
Creator: Unknown
Description: Mrs Tom Buckett (Lena) and mother-in-law, Mrs Buckett in buggy, and Miss Clara Marshall on horse (Description supplied with photograph) The woman on the horse is seated side saddle. The mother and daughter-in-law in the buggy wear elaborate hats and gowns.


Olivia Buckett's (Wood) son Thomas and his wife










From Picture Australia

Thomas Buckett and his wife, 1923

Thomas Buckett was the Head Teacher at Nerang State School,

 1-1-1922 to 21-4-1923. Poulsen Studios, Brisbane

1841 England census Wood family


pwcensus1841.jpg (529063 bytes)






Perry Wood and family arrived aboard Calphurnia 1849 to South Australia


C1A.JPG (490941 bytes)





(Thanks to Ron for sending me the following information May 2007)

Descendants of John Buckett


Generation No. 1


        1.  John1 Buckett  He married Christian Pearse. 


Child of John Buckett and Christian Pearse is:

+      2                 i.               Thomas Pearce2 Buckett, born Abt. 1843 in Cornwall, Eng.; died 13 Nov 1911 in "Aubarnville", Drummers Ck, Qld. aged 68yrs..


Generation No. 2


        2.  Thomas Pearce2 Buckett (John1) was born Abt. 1843 in Cornwall, Eng., and died 13 Nov 1911 in "Aubarnville", Drummers Ck, Qld. aged 68yrs..  He married Olivia Mary Ann Wood, daughter of  Perry Wood.  She died 24 Jan 1922 in Brisbane, Qld. aged 75yrs..


Notes for Thomas Pearce Buckett:


Mount Perry


 After a lengthy illness, Captain Thomas Pearse Buckett, J. P., one of the oldest residents in Mount Perry, passed quietly away on Monday afternoon at his residence, Aubarnville, near Mt. Perry.  The demise was not unexpected but it nevertheless cast a great gloom over the whole district, for the deceased gentleman was not only known to every one of long residence, but was esteemed and respected , and it is felt that a most familiar land mark has been removed.  Most genuine sympathy is extended to the bereaved widow and son.  Capt. Buckett, although he had almost reached the age of 69 years, was until the past year or two, a man of robust health and much activity.  He was a native of Cornwall, England, and came out to South Australia when quite a boy.  In his earlier years he worked in the Burra Burra, Kadina and Moonta mines.  Nearly forty years ago, not long after his marriage, he came to Queensland under a two year arrangement with Captain Osborne, who was then opening up the Mount Perry mines, and he has been a resident of this place ever since.  He brought with him, one hundred experienced copper miners from the Kadina district, and with but brief exception whilst managing elsewhere, remained in charge of all surface work and stores in connection with the mines, and his splendid discipline and extreme impartiality gained the universal goodwill that continued with him during his two score years of his residence.  After the departure of Captain Osborne he retained his position under Captain Reynold, and afterwards Captain Israel Bennett.  He was regarded not only as a practical miner but as an authority on the value of copper lodes, and on one occasion, more than thirty years ago, he was appointed to the charge of the Mt. Orange copper mines in the Nebo District, which just then had been purchased, in boom like style by inexperienced capitalists.  Promptly upon taking charge he exploded the whole business to the chagrin of those most directly concerned, but this was only an instance of the honesty of purpose that characterised him throughout his life.  Not many weeks elapsed from the date of his appointment until he was back in Mount Perry.  He was too keen a man to be misled and too honest to take advantage of the ignorance of others.  When Mount Perry closed down he was appointed to the management of the then promising Reid's Creek mines, and he has never lost faith in the future of that place.  He retired from a  mining career to enter into the storekeeping business, first purchasing the then prosperous business of Mr. T. Williams at Reid's Creek, and afterwards transferring it to Mount Perry.  In business he was signally successful and about seven years ago retired, making a lovely home about a mile from town.  Whilst always ready to assist in every movement that tended to the welfare of the town or district, Captain Buckett did not seek prominence.  In the early days he took his place in the management of the hospital, the Shire Council and other institutions, but more recently was only too pleased to give way to younger and more enthusiastic workers, yet ever steadfastly maintained most profound views and principles.  The funeral, which took place yesterday afternoon, was attended by the whole of the old residents and many beautiful wreaths and floral tributes were placed on the grave.  The local Oddfellows assisted at the funeral ceremony, which was conducted by the Rev. Mr. Wecker.  Captain Buckett although retaining membership of the Kadina branch, was in the early days a pillar of support to the establishment of an Oddfellows lodge in Mount Perry.  All through his long illness Captain Buckett was lovingly tended by Mrs. Buckett, ably assisted by their devoted daughter-in-law, but as the most expert physicians had proclaimed, the complaint could not be overcome.  Mr.T. Buckett, the only surviving son, who is head master of the Swan Creek State school, was enabled to spend the last few days with his father.

 BM 17 Nov 1911 


More About Thomas Pearce Buckett:

Burial 1: 14 Nov 1911, Mt Perry, Qld. -grave 317.

Burial 2: 24 Feb 1913, reinterred Bundaberg General cemetery, Qld.

Emigration: Arrived Sth Australia.

Occupation: 1874, Miner.


Notes for Olivia Mary Ann Wood:

Olivera Mary Ann Buckett

Very many former residents, of Mt. Perry, and a host of old friends in Bundaberg. will hear with much regret of the death of Mrs. Buckett, relict of the late Captain Thomas Pearce Buckett, which took place at Wynnum Heights, Brisbane, on Tuesday. The deceased lady had been in failing health for some time, and sad to say, her only son, Mr. Tom Buckett, has been very ill for several months. The late Mr. and Mrs. Buckett were residents of Mt. Perry for well over a quarter of a century, prior to the death of Mr. Buckett, which occurred on 13th November, 1911.   They were enthusiastic citizens in all matters appertaining to the betterment of the people and the district. The remains of Mrs. Buckett were brought to Bundaberg yesterday and placed beside that of her husband in the General Cemetery, the funeral service being conducted by the Rev. J. Prowse. (C.H.Garland)           BM 26 Jan 1922



More About Olivia Mary Ann Wood:

Burial: 25 Jan 1922, Bundaberg General cemetery, Qld. (beside husband).


Children of Thomas Buckett and Olivia Wood are:

+      3                 i.               Thomas3 Buckett, born Abt. 1868; died 21 Apr 1923 in Brisbane, Qld..

        4                ii.               Perry John Buckett, born Abt. 1869; died 10 Apr 1881 in Queensland.  aged 12yrs. (Source: Qld ref#1881/ 000261.).


Notes for Perry John Buckett:


At Mount Perry, on the 9th instant, of typhoid fever, PERRY JOHN,

second and dearly beloved son of Mr and Mrs Thomas BUCKETT, aged 12

years and 6 months.  He sleeps in Jesus.  (BM 22 Apr 1881)


Mt Perry - I regret to inform you that our respected townsman, Mr

Thomas Buckett lost his second son on Saturday last, aged 12 years

and 6 months.  The dear little fellow had only been ill a few days

from typhoid fever, and up to within a few hours from his death

nothing serious was apprehended.  Unfavourable symptoms, however set

in, and despite all that could be done, he rapidly sank and died on

Saturday night.  The bereaved parents are almost heartbroke and they

have universal sympathy.  The funeral took place on Sunday afternoon,

and was largely attended.  The scholars of the Wesleyan Sunday School

(to which the dear departed having belonged) headed by their officers

and teachers attended in a body to follow the remains of their

schoolmate to the last resting place. The Loyal Mount Perry Lodge

MUIOFF of which order Mr Buckett is a member, also attended in full

regalia  under  the  leadership  of  P.G.  Martin.    Captain  Bennett

conducted the service at the grave.  Mr Luke Lerch carried out the

funeral arrangements in a very able and decorous manner. (BM 22 Apr




More About Perry John Buckett:

Burial: Apr 1881, Mt Perry, Qld.

Cause of Death: Typhoid Fever.


        5               iii.               James Buckett.

        6               iv.               Agnes Buckett.



Generation No. 3


        3.  Thomas3 Buckett (Thomas Pearce2, John1) was born Abt. 1868, and died 21 Apr 1923 in Brisbane, Qld..  He married Caroline Margaret Hansen 04 Jul 1900 in Brisbane, Qld., daughter of Christian Hansen and Caroline Nielsen.  She died 06 Jun 1918 in Queensland..


More About Thomas Buckett:

Education: 08 Jun 1874, Enrolled at Mt. Perry School aged 7yrs.


Child of Thomas Buckett and Caroline Hansen is:

        7                 i.               Isis Adelaide4 Buckett, born 05 May 1901 in Queensland.; died 25 Sep 1901 in Brisbane, Qld..










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